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3-D Bail Bonds, INC
57 Fishfry Street
Hartford, CT 06120

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What we do:



Established in 1997



Conveniently located at :

57 Fishfry St, Hartford CT across from HCC (Hartford Community Correctional Center)


15 Arch Street, New Britain, CT across from the New Britain Police Department



You are our #1 Priority
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We do everything possible to get your loved one out of jail as quickly and hassle free as possible. Any bail bonds possible. Our bail company will work with you. Prompt, professional, confidential and courteous service is our specialty. We wait at the jail so you don't have to. Agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That's 24/7 yes 24-7 bail. Yes bail is what we do. Any bail is possible. Bail now with us. Economy bail. Cheap bail. Local bail. Call us if you need a Connecticut Bail Bond for any town you will need Connecticut Bail Bonds in.
Services Offered:
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Every Minute your loved one is locked up feels like hours. Don't wait for a call back,  for Immediate Assistance

860-24-7 BAIL
All bonds meeting State minimum are considered

• Serving ALL:
  • Local Police Stations
  • Court Houses
  • Youth Detention Centers
  • ALL Connecticut Correction Centers
• Easy Payment Plans - Setup to meet any financial budget

• Free Warrant checks

• Attorney referral network

• Immediate Response

If you can get arrested there, we can get you out.
 Our Connecticut Towns:
North Stonington North Stonington Bail Bonds












There are many movies, television shows, and books about bail bonds and bounty hunters. Just because you like us, read about us, or watch us on TV or in the movies, doesn't mean you are a criminal. So please keep on following us and don't forget to click our links below to like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

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Bail Bonds Fees as filed with State of Connecticut Department of Insurance
All Connecticut Jails, Police Departments, and Courts Serviced by Professional Licensed Bondsmen Who will be there for you when you need them most. 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.
We have created the best team to ethically handle all bail bond issues. Our Connecticut Bail agents are located strategically throughout Connecticut. We employ the finest and most professional Bail Enforcement Agents to protect your resources. Finally our expert collections staff allows those requiring alternative payment plans the ability to have them.
Our Connecticut Towns:
 Andover  Andover Bail Bonds
 Beacon Falls Beacon Falls Bail Bonds
 Bloomfield Bloomfield Bail Bonds
 Bridgeport Bridgeport Bail Bonds
 Brookfield Brookfield Bail Bonds
 Burlington Burlington Bail Bonds
 Colchester Colchester Bail Bonds
 East Granby East Granby Bail Bonds
 East Hampton East Hampton Bail Bonds
 East Hartford East Hartford Bail Bonds
 East Haven East Haven Bail Bonds
 East Windsor East Windsor Bail Bonds
 Farmington Farmington Bail Bonds
 Glastonbury Glastonbury Bail Bonds
What do we Need:
Most times all we need is the fee that is associated with the bail, a co-signer, and sometimes a form of collateral.


Customer Compliments
Mr. A. Wrote:
"3-D Bail Bonds helped me get my son out of jail. They were honest, courteous and very professional. I would use them again, but I hope I never have to."
Ms. S. Wrote:
"Those guys hooked me up. They got my man out at 4:00 am when no one else would come out. That's when you know they got your back."
Mr. B. Wrote:

“Thank You Ruben.  Greatly appreciated…

Hopefully, I would not ever have use of your services on my part but...

I shall recommend you or use your services on another’s part.

God Bless You And Those, the innocent you help set free.”

Our Connecticut Towns:




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